RipIt finds a solution to editing POV footage, beats GoPro to the punch


RipIt app to edit POV footage

The guys over at RipIt have found a solution to editing endless hours of GoPro footage on the heels of GoPro’s CEO, Nick Woodman, announcing at the J.P. Morgan Tech Conference several weeks ago that they would also be developing a mobile editing app, but it’s still in development. The GoPro app will be seen, according to Woodman, as a “content-sharing app that will auto-magically upload footage to a mobile device or a GoPro cloud—where users can easily tag, edit, and share videos.”

The RipIt app, which launched last week, was designed by surfers who grew frustrated with the annoyance of editing after each session. Their patent pending software automatically identifies and then extracts each surf stand, allowing the user to quickly stack their moments.

RipIt CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Morris, explains the app and the inspiration behind the development:

“After recording a bunch of surfing footage with my GoPro I would capture so much great footage, but when it came to editing it, I just never had time. I realized a lot of other people also had this problem too. In its current state, editing your GoPro footage is not an easy process. You have to upload your footage to your computer via usb cord or sd card, watch all of your footage for the best moments (sometimes that can be hours), then you need to trim that footage out with some complicated computer editor like Final Cut Pro or GoPro Studio, and it needs to be converted into an acceptable format so that you can then share it to your social media platforms. That all takes a lot of time! And so lots of people never end up sharing that amazing footage. So my partner, Adam Summers, and I thought what if we had a team of editors that could basically mass edit GoPro footage for people. They would send us their footage and we would send the edits back. But we realized that would 1) cost a lot of money for the end user and 2) it would have a couple days of turn-around. Then we thought what if we could create a software that is able to just identify your best moments, and then trim them out so you can just share it easily. I have surfed since I was 10 years old so surfing was the natural 1st activity to start with. If after my surf session, I could just run up to my car, connect my GoPro to my iPhone and let the software app automatically find all my stands then that would really be amazing. So that’s what we did. We made an iPhone app called RipIt!”

You can grab the app here on iTunes.

About RipIt™
RipIt™ is a mobile software application for identifying and extracting your best action
sports moments. Through a unique combination of computer vision, video analysis,
artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, RipIt produces the most efficient
and accurate automatic editing software for GoPro® and other action camera recorded
surf footage. Our mission is to continue creating proprietary software for the growing
industry of wearable action sports cameras. More information is available at: