Roark & Cerno Partner On Lost & Found Compass

The cornerstone to any truly riveting brand is the unique story it presents to an audience, weaving the details of the brand identity with the product and tying everything together into a package that is not just marketable, but that stands out in a crowd of sameness and speaks to the consumer’s deep-seated passions.

The lifestyle brand ROARK has crafted its entire company concept around storytelling, but in a different way than most. The brand’s story begins as its main character, Roark, begins his journeys through nature in some of the most humbling and awe-inspiring locations. His most recent adventure, what the brand has dubbed Volume Three: Fear The Sea, Respect The Tree, takes him to Central California’s Big Sur, which—for those who have experienced the rugged and beautiful coastline and terrain of this sparsely populated region—it goes without saying is a  journey in and of itself.

This year will mark the third product offering from Roark, a collection geared toward what one might wear while treking through Big Sur’s endless miles of beaches and hiking trails, and the crew at Roark teamed up with industrial design and manufacturing company Cerno Group to create a practical tool to go along with this adventure. Take a look at the video to get more details on Lost & Found compass, and check in with Roark Marketing Director Brandy Faber for an inside look at the brand before it launches its Spring/Summer 2013 line at Agenda Long Beach, January 4-5.

How did the partnership with Cerno come about?
Roark and Cerno are both Laguna Beach based brands. We all grew up surfing and having fun together. Cerno makes amazing products and Roark has always been a huge fan of their design and aesthetics. We’ve wanted to partner with them on something for some time and it was a perfect fit for Roark’s fall/holiday 2012 line.

Why is it a good fit with Roark? In Volume 3: Fear The Sea, Respect The Tree, Roark travels through Big Sur and the Lost & Found Compass is just part of his artifacts of adventure trinkets. When nearly everything is viewed as disposable, Cerno aim’s to be accountable to their customers and our environment and so do we.

What do you hope this type of product says about your brand? What message are you trying to convey to the consumer? We are an adventure based brand and want to encourage people to get out there, wherever that may be. You can’t always rely on technology. Something as basic as a compass and water proof matches could really help you out of a bad situation when you’re adventuring off the grid.

When does it hit retail?
It is currently available at retail as part of our Volume 3: Fear The Sea, Respect The Tree collection.

How can people learn more about Roark?  People can find out more about Roark through their local retailers, by reading about Roark’s adventures in our seasonal zines and on our website: