Roark Revival | Jamie Thomas Capsule Collection

Roark Revival presents the Jamie Thomas Capsule Collection inspired by “Strange Days in a Hanoi Haze”

Roark Revival, the line inspired by the artifacts of adventure, partners with Jamie Thomas for one of their first skate initiatives. Roark and Jamie Thomas launch a Spring & Summer capsule collection in the spirit of their adventure to Hanoi, Vietnam.

The goods are inspired by their trip to Vietnam, the country’s history, and Jamie’s sensibilities. The Jamie Thomas Capsule Collection consists of the Thomas Surplus Denim, Lotus Woven, Anti-War T-Shirt and the Roark X CRKT X Jamie Thomas Pocket Knife. 

Hanoi with Jamie Thomas

“As a newcomer to the Roark Revival, this excursion to Vietnam would be my first experience with this group of seasoned adventurers. The trip, however, started with the feeling of familiarity; after a 24-hour stint of land and air travel we arrived in the busy capitol of Hanoi. After checking into the hotel we anxiously hit the streets to roll around and get acquainted with the infamous North Vietnamese city.”


Brian Bent and the Capsule Collection

If you’ve ever been to tourmaline beach in San Diego, or, as the locals call it, “Old Mans”, there’s a chance you’ve seen a guy on a huge longboard called a “Kook Box” surfing in a sweater and a sailor hat. That’s Brian Bent, a local surfer with a unique style. That unique style drew Revivalist Jamie Thomas to Bent's work and asked him to design the Lotus Print for his Capsule Collection.



The Roark Revival is a return to bold adventurism through the eyes of an idealized figure. The brand follows "Roark" and his meandering travels as an illusive, idealized figure, weaving his story into a timeless line of T-Shirts, staple apparel and lifestyle products. You never know where the artifacts of Roark's journey might appear. Fans of Roark can follow the story online, in zines distributed at our dealers each season, and through various Roark creative marketing expressions.



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