Rob Dyrdek, Pete Fox, Jerome Mage Launch Eyewear Brand

IVI Founders Pete Fox, Rob Dyrdek and Jerome Mage.

IVI Founders Pete Fox, Rob Dyrdek and Jerome Mage.

Rob Dyrdek, Fox Head Inc. CEO Pete Fox and industry legend Jerome Mage have launched a new eyewear brand, IVI, (pronounced "eye-vee"), which will hit retail Spring 2012. Stay tuned to TransWorld Business for more in-depth look at the new line from Fox and Dyrdek, coming soon.

Leaders from different parts of the action sports industry have joined to create a new, premium sunglass brand that marries elevated street fashion and action sports. Skateboard mogul and television star Rob Dyrdek and Pete Fox (CEO of Fox Head Inc.), will launch IVI (pronounced "eye-vee") in the spring of 2012. Industry legend Jerome Mage, also a partner, is the lead designer.

"We feel that this is a great chance to start a new company in a relatively quiet environment, because there isn't much exciting news out there. It took being able to have the right pieces come together, and with Rob and Jerome as partners I think we have an incredibly powerful team. Rob was definitely at the very top of my list of people who I always wanted to work with – the guy is brilliant." said Pete Fox.

"IVI eyewear design has an iconic quality, combining simple and classic lines with unique features anddetails. IVI blends Americana toughness with simplicity. Each frame is alsovery unique in terms of mixed materials and particular surface treatments." commented Jerome Mage.

"I have been wanting to develop a sunglass line for the last few years. When I was introduced to Pete there was no question he was the one to make it happen with me. It has been truly amazing working with Pete. He meticulously put together the most amazing team from design to sales. I have been blown away by the progress the team has made developing this project and we have all worked together to develop an eyewear brand we are really, really proud of." says Rob Dyrdek

IVI will be available in Premium Action Sport, Lifestyle Boutique, Sunglass Specialty and Optical retailers in Spring 2012

About IVI

IVI Eyewear products represent an elevation in street and skate inspired fashion and lifestyle. IVI sunglasses combine premium materials, sophisticated iconic lines with unique features and details.