Rocky Mountain Sunscreen To Offer Free Skin Cancer Screening At SIA

Denver Colorado, January 23, 2010:

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen in conjunction with The Skin Cancer Task Force and LifeHealth will be hosting a number of special events to help SIA attendees learn about the importance of regular skin checkups and the dangers of high altitude UV exposure.

Event #1:  Dr. Robert Dellavalle, a University of Colorado Health Sciences Center dermatologist, will be available for complimentary skin cancer screening at Rocky Mountain Sunscreen (RMS) booth #3434.  Hours:  8:30 AM – 10:15, and 1:30 – 3:30 pm, Thursday, January 28th.

Event #2:  LifeHealth Corporation will provide complimentary facial Dermanalysis on Friday January 29th from 9:00 – 1:00 pm at RMS Booth #3434, to help the ski area outdoor work force identify potential future UV issues on their skin.

Event #3:  Volunteers from the task force will be available at RMS booth #3434 during trade show hours to help bring awareness to the public about the harsh UV at high altitude.  "For every 1000 feet altitude, the UV intensity increases between 4 and 5% – at 10,000 feet, the UV can be up to 50% stronger than at the beach" said Mary Buller, Chair of the Colorado Skin Cancer Task Force.

Colorado Skin Cancer Task Force Purpose/Mission

The Skin Cancer Task Force is an all-volunteer subgroup of the Colorado

Cancer Coalition comprised of physicians and other medical professionals,

researchers, businesspersons, and citizens committed to education,

prevention and early detection of skin cancer in Colorado. The Task Force

is currently responsible for:

·      Implementing sun safety programs designed to help meet the Colorado

Cancer Plan 2010-2015 objectives for reducing melanoma morbidity and mortality.

·      Conducting research to develop more effective strategies to promote sun protection with unique populations.

·      Examining a strategy to help public school districts in Colorado adopt sun

protection policies for students through a program called Sun Safe Schools.

·      Improving distribution and use of an evidence-based sun protection program

for employees and guests of ski areas with the Go Sun Smart program. Members of this task force were recently funded to conduct a new program for outdoor workers in Colorado.

·      Bringing awareness to the general public about the dangers of indoor tanning.  Task Force members have documented that the indoor tanning industry is a prominent advertiser in high school newspapers in Colorado which reach older adolescents, the age when indoor tanning is initiated.

The wide variety of expertise, experience, contacts, and interests of Task Force members has contributed to creating a multi-faceted sustained effort to prevent skin

cancer in Colorado.

For more information or to join the task force please feel free to visit the Sun Safe Colorado website, www.sunsafecolorado.

Or contact:

Mary Buller – Skin Cancer Task Force President

Rachel Burnett – Skin Cancer Task Force Vice-Chair


LifeHealth, based in Denver, Colorado, is a comprehensive healthcare company that provides a variety of high quality, health education services.  Health education comes in many forms and LifeHealth delivers these through the following services:

Worksite Wellness – we offer high quality healthcare at the worksite through focused health screening services and complete vaccination programs, as well as providing onsite health clinicians.
Medical Health Screening Equipment Rental and Sales – Hologic Sahara Bone Sonometers, DermAnalysis units, Cholestech Cholesterol machines, Spirometry and hearing testing equipment are all available.
Nationwide clinician coverage – for worksite wellness programs, complete vaccination services, and in-home point-of-care patient education.

LifeHealth Corporation Contact Information:

Elisa Hamill

5554 South Prince Street, Suite 200
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone 303-730-1902
Fax 303-798-5829