Rome Announces % For Snowboarding

Rome Snowboards has launched a new program that allows riders to donate a percentage of their purchase to their favorite local Rome retailer when they buy direct from the brand. Here’s more:

Local shops who actively stoke and promote snowboarding (and not simply sell product) are absolutely key to the overall health of snowboarding. Only these shops can truly drive local snowboard scenes. We all depend on these shops.

As has been the case throughout our collective history, snowboarding needs these shops--shops that sponsor local riders, make local films, have jib parks in the back of their shop, hold movie premieres and are epicenters of their shred communities. These shops are snowboarding's evangelists--they are the ones who hype snowboarding on a regional level. If these shops go away, the excitement and stoke of snowboarding will suffer. So now more than ever, brands and snowboard shops need to work together to grow and protect snowboarding.

We understand this and that is why we are launching % For Snowboarding as a way to support snowboard shops while selling online. Instead of competing against our retail partners, we will include them in the purchases made on the Rome site next year. As we start to show the new Rome collection, we are kicking off % For Snowboarding, and it will go live next year for the 2013-2014 season. Through % For Snowboarding, when riders shop globally, they will be spending locally.

% For Snowboarding is the only direct online selling program that supports shops who support snowboarding. It is a groundbreaking partnership program between Rome and snowboard shops that rewards retailers for their part in the mutual support network that exists between riders, retailers and Rome. For shops' part in this support network, % For Snowboarding will give a high percentage of all online sales made through the Rome website to the shops that help make our brand and snowboarding what it is today.

The fundamentals of % For Snowboarding are the following:

• Riders will be able to purchase directly from the site next season.

• Riders will select their local or favorite Rome retailer to get a significant % of the sale.

• The shop's % of the sale will be based on their participation in the rider-retailer-Rome support network.

• The foundational principle of the program is that shops will get more % if they actively promote snowboarding.

Working on it for over a year, we've run our ideas for % For Snowboarding past retailers in different parts of North America to get their thoughts. We picked the ones who we knew experienced challenges with and had strong opinions about brands selling directly on the Internet. Through these discussions, we refined our ideas and added elements to the program.

If you want to get the details on the program before the SIA show in Denver, give your local rep a shout or call into Rome and talk to Sully.

% For Snowboarding--Shop Global, Spend Local