Rome starts Magic Carpet Contest


With everyone finally getting their snowboarding gear together, the Rome crew got some inspiration for a new contest.

Take some photos of you “carpet jibbing” and then photoshop them, the cheesier the better. Post the finished product on Rome’s Facebook page. The crew’s favorite picture will get one lucky rider a brand new Artifact Rocker board.

Check out some examples from around the Rome office to get some inspiration:




From Rome:

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The first signs of snow have hit the mountains and Mother Nature has decided to give us a glimpse of what this season may look like. If you were fortunate enough to get in some of that fresh white stuff then we applaud you for either living nearby or going to extreme lengths to do so… If you didn't, then we know you at least grabbed your gear from closet, brushed of the dust, and strapped in for a little pre-season carpet session!

No, we aren't spying on you and don't be ashamed or feel alone, because the majority of the Rome crew was right there with you! In fact, anyone who has the itch for fresh lines, long grabs, and nose presses, got their gear out and began prepping…but not without a quick tail block or stall on the couch.

Since we know that new gear you bought is staring at you from your bedroom corner, we have decided we would like to see what you got. A method off your parent's bed? Maybe a blunt stall on the tub? Or possibly nose pressing your roommate's mini fridge?! Whatever it may be, we would like to see how your talent matches up to some of our in-house shreds. So bust out the cameras, your board, strap up in your living room and get shreddy.

Also, feel free to use Photoshop, and use it poorly. Think that tail block may look better on the head of a T-Rex, we probably agree. An Indy grab off your bed is dope… but what if Andre the Giant was holding you up in said Indy?

Just post your pre-season carpet sesh photo, doctored or not on our Facebook fan page,

From there we'll pick out our favorite photo on November 1st and hook up that indoor shred-master with a 2012 Artifact Rocker!