ROME Team Signature Colorways Collection


Rome introduces rider-designed snowboard decks through the Team Signature Colorways collection. Read on for the details, and for which riders are true artists at heart.

Since a bunch of Rome’s riders have very distinctive senses of style and personal taste, Rome has decided to give a few of them the freedom to design their own signature board graphic.  A collection to release before the snow starts to really fall, the Team Signature Colorways feature signature rider art put on their favorite inline Rome decks.

To coincide with Rome’s 10-Year Anniversary, the SDS is releasing three Team Signature Colorway boards in very limited quantities.  In the collection, there is an Artifact for LNP, a Mod for Bjorn and a Lo-Fi Rocker for MFR.

  • LNP developed a photo collage of some of his favorite things for life on the road while filming his ender part for The Shred Remains-featured on the Artifact 153.
  • To go with Bjorn’s assault approach to the natural, urban and man-made terrain, Bjorn developed a “zombie bear” graphic for his favorite board, the Mod 156.
  • MFR wanted to poke a little fun at the old “Live Nude Girls” Artifact from a couple years ago, and developed her “Live Nude Dudes” graphic for the Lo-Fi Rocker 146.

They’re going to be gone pretty damn fast, so if you’re looking to get your hands on one of these decks, your best bet is to start hitting up your local shop right now to get one in for you.

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