Roxy Snowboards: 2013/14 Snowboard Preview

Women’s Banana Smoothie EC2 BTX $469.95 &T-Bird BTX+ $429.95

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Questions answered by Snowboard Category Manager Kyre Malkemes

What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made to your boards?
Our Team along side our engineers who have 30 years of innovation under their belts.  Input from retailers and market demand.

Kyre Malkemes

To what degree are you emphasizing camber shape and core profiles in your lineup?
We believe in a blend of Banana (rocker) and camber combined with Magnetraction.
– Loose, playful geometries can be found in BTX –Banana combined with flat camber.
– Slightly more aggressive is EC2 BTX - Elliptical camber on the tip and tail with Banana between the inserts.
– Then, for the more aggressive riders, comes C2 BTX - camber on the tip and tail with Banana between the inserts.
Core profiles are one of the biggest determining factors in the way a board rides.  In women's boards it's especially important, due to their size and weight.  Girls are more about finesse than brute force.  Being one of few that have our own core factory we are able to dial in exactly what we want and make changes quickly and easily as we see fit.

Are you cooking up any new materials or construction techniques?
Torah Bright's new T-Bird has BTX+!  T-Bird is Torah's nickname.  The board comes with Banana Traction - Banana between the bindings and the '+' is a hint of elliptical camber on the tip and tail.  It's all mountain goodness created for young riders inspired by Torah but who may not have the cash or be ready for the Eminence.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?
Artwork for each board is based on the type of rider who rides that board.

Torah's Eminence is waving the flag of Roxy Nation.  Cheering her on as she rides, day or night (moon and sun) in the mountains or waves (in the off season of course)   ......or on her trip to Russia in 2013.

The Silhouette has a twist on the classic flower. A photograph of our favorite flowers is laid up kaleidoscope style.  Bright and feminine, so fresh you can still see the water drops on the petals.

The XOXO with PBTX is full of unexpected hidden gems in the graphic. Just like finding hidden pow stashes while exploring the mountain, these gems will be found when exploring this graphic.