Ryan Nyquist Joins FMF Power Beverage

nyquistBMX legend Ryan Nyquist has signed a deal with FMF Power Beverage to promote its new energy drink.

Here are the details:

Los Angeles, CA (June 8, 2011)—The beverage industry's first all-natural Power Beverage, FMF Power Beverage, is partnering up with Dew Tour Champion, action sports industry icon and BMX rider Ryan Nyquist. This commitment reflects FMF Power Beverage's heritage in the BMX community and builds upon the mission of becoming a mainstay in the market by providing a healthy, refreshing beverage that can deliver maximum performance to any athlete.

In 1973 Don Emler launched the FMF Racing brand as a way to develop the world's best performance motocross exhausts directly in the USA. Within a few years of FMF Racing's humble beginnings, Emler increased his company's involvement to the BMX community and was shortly supporting one of the first factory-backed BMX teams. FMF Racing then went on to design and build one of the first aluminum frame bicycles as well as supporting some of the industry's top riders. FMF Racing's storied history in the BMX community continues with FMF Power Beverage and this partnership with one of the industry's greatest, Ryan Nyquist.

"With his history of rock solid performance and vision to give back to the community, Ryan is the perfect representative for the FMF POWER brand," said Don Emler Jr., FMF Power Beverage. "Ryan knows just how important it is to not just have the energy to compete, but also to do it without compromising critical performance aspects like hydration and recovery that a champion needs to perform. Our proprietary PowerBlend was created specifically with athletes like Ryan in mind, where caffeine is still a vital ingredient, but it's supplemented by yerba mate, panex ginseng and amino acids."

Ryan Nyquist is most well known as one of action sport's founding members as he captured championship after championship in BMX competitions. By 2003 Nyquist had captured a championship in every major dirt competition, and has since gone on to win an ESPY and many more events including two dirt Dew Tour cups. Nyquist also holds the honor of being one of the select few who have competed in all three disciplines of BMX freestyle – Dirt, Street and Vert. A humanitarian at heart, when Nyquist isn't on his bike he's an active member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and various other charities.

"There are a lot of beverages in the market that cater to helping improve performance, but only FMF POWER does it with an all-natural twist that I can be proud to support," said Ryan Nyquist, BMX champion and FMF POWER rider. "I've been part of a lot of firsts in this industry and after seeing all of the hard work and development the FMF POWER team has into their new Power Beverage, I knew this was a no-brainer. The opportunity I see in front of me is really to show people just what an all-natural beverage alternative can do for them as opposed to a typical energy drink."

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