Salt Lake City Bans Residential Mini-Ramps

While snow may be starting to fly atop the highest peaks of the Wasatch, its a black time for skaters in Salt Lake. Citing noise complaints in residential areas, the Salt Lake Valley Health Department passed a new ordinance on August 7th that bans mini-ramps, or “sporting ramps” as they go by in government-ese, within 800 feet of any residence. Now you can’t even skate in your own yard in the Bee Hive state’s capital.

The new law is part of the Community Noise Pollution Control Regulation and is defined by SLVHD as follows:

4.5.21. Sporting Ramps. No person shall build or use nor shal any person cause, allow, or permit anyone to build or allow anyone to use any skateboard, roller blade, bicycle, or snowboard ramp or half-pipe or similar configuration within 800 feet of a dwelling, except within facilities that have been designated for such use by government entity.

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