Sandal Maker SOLE Implements RFID Inventory Tracking System

picture-181While we know you love doing count and fill on socks, sandals, and other gear, here’s an idea that may eventually free up that time for your staff. SOLE, which makes socks, sandals, and custom footbeds is implementing a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system this fall that will allow retailers to track inventory with microchips implanted in product that talk to a reader in your POP and update a retail Web site.

According to SportsOneSource:

Each pair of SOLE socks, footbeds and sandals is labeled with a microchip that is encoded with product and order details. A small hardware box installed on the base of a POP display or on a wall reads the tags and transmits the data back to the SOLE retailer website. The password-protected website has a simple interface that allows retailers to view on-hand inventory, place orders and track shipments, all in real-time.

"We can set up this system to automatically place an order electronically as soon as inventory drops below a pre-determined threshold," continues Baker. "Auto replenishment reduces carrying costs for us and our retailers, while also assuring retailers have the inventory they need to meet projected sales."

SOLE has multiple live installed RFID locations now and plans to roll out another 20 locations to select retailers this fall.