The Seabin, a Floating Trash Can, Automatically Picks Up Ocean Waste


Cans, plastic, and other ocean trash may have met their match with the Seabin

The Seabin, developed by two Australians, is a floating, automated trash can that attaches to a dock, and is run by a water pump. The automated bin collects ocean waste including cans, plastics, oil, fuel and detergents from ocean marinas.

Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski were so frustrated with the level of ocean trash floating around lineups that they decided to do something about it. Their solution was the Seabin, designed to combat ocean waste. The duo designed a prototype of the bin in Perth before taking it to market in Mallorca in Spain, a marina capital of Europe.

The innovative trash can is built from recycled materials, and filters waste out of the ocean water before pumping the purified water back into the sea. Seabin spokesman Richard Talmage said the concept was simple but effective. “It essentially works as a similar concept to a skimmer box from your pool filter. But it’s designed on a scale to work and essentially attract all that rubbish within a location within a marine harbour,” he said.

You can find out more about the Seabin here.