Shayboarder Featured On ESPN


Two of our favorite TransWorld Business snow contributors, Colin Whyte and Shannon Johnson, have linked up for a great story on ESPN today diving into why Johnson’s gear review focused blog Shayboarder has received so much traffic and interest both from within the industry and amongst weekend warriors.

By midwinter ’08, whispers of, “Anyone know this blogger chick from Steamboat?” were starting to float between industry cubicles in San Clemente and Shay was on-track for 375,000 page views—crushing well-funded media sites with a staff of five, a Red Bull fridge, and underground parking. Thanks to the deep, keyword-rich content and meaty commentary, Google was bringing Shayboarder up with the regularity of a band camp anecdote. Riders were searching for the kind of info only she had. Other blogs were linking in. By ’09, has racked up, she says, over 800K page views total and all of it, she adds wryly, is “for a blog about a girl who rides.”

“The site is popular because it’s for average riders, whether they ride 10 or 50 days a year,” explains Shay, now 26. “[It’s for] people just out there enjoying it. It’s an audience that [comprises] the majority of snowboarders… If I learned how to snowboard this year, I would have flipped open a magazine and found out how to do backside 9s versus just being able to find out how a board turns on my blog. My blog is realistic: I ride resorts and groomers, but I also try out a lot of products so people have a better understanding of them.

To read the full article visit ESPN.