Shoestring Commerce Announces QuickBooks Integration For Manufacturers


Shoestring Commerce has announced a cool new feature for its  software that will allow manufacturers to link their ordering systems to accounts’ QuickBooks systems.

According to the release:

About 95% of the retail suppliers Shoestring interacts with utilize QuickBooks to manage their ordering, manufacturing and fulfillment processes.  Generally, this process involves tedious manual entry into QuickBooks of each order.

Shoestring's new service will transfer the manual data entry from the in-house manufacturer staff to the retailers and the reps in the field by offering online ordering and Excel order forms that upload to Shoestring's online portal. The company also uses the inventory levels from QuickBooks to show real time availability to the manufacturer's wholesale clients.

"We want manufacturers to know that we work hard to make the integration as painless as possible," Said Sean Kennedy, president of Shoestring Commerce.

"Our program allows us to treat QuickBooks as if it were an online, hosted system that we can pull information from and push information to in real time.  There are no annoying imports and exports that the client has to manage, it is all done behind the scenes by our database.  We synch all of the sales order information seamlessly between the Shoestring portal, the Excel order forms and Quickbooks," Kennedy stated.

Kennedy stresses that the service does not require manufacturers to make a systemic change, but rather become more efficient by augmenting their existing toolset. Retailers are free to still order using Excel order forms, but that Excel order form can now be imported into the site then automatically brought down to QuickBooks.  Shoestring's offering merely requires manufacturers to provide a pricelist before each buying season and their staff manages the rest of the technical elements, allowing manufacturers to focus on their sales.

To learn more about the software service or to order for yourself today, contact Shoestring Commerce at (866) 570-1783, drop them an email at, or visit their newly launched website at