Shred In Peace Drake Edwards

In remembrance of our friend, fellow snowboarder and all around great guy.

Drake Edwards

The snowboarding community lost a hero on sunday. Drake Edwards was an incredible human being, he touched my life and the lives of everyone he knew with his massively kind heart and patient, caring and peaceful attitude. Drake and I were Lodge counselors at High Cascade together this past summer, and the entire HCSC community is crushed by the loss of our friend and brother, we're honored, grateful and proud to have called Drake Edwards a part of our team.

Drake represented all of what High Cascade and snowboarding are all about, friendship, kindness, responsibility, respect for everyone and everything, trust, generosity, teamwork and most importantly fun. The best part about waking up every day with Drake is that no matter how tired or beat we were from the previous day of counseling little rippers and shredders, Drake was always so stoked to get back up on hill, and share his passion and stoke with those around him.

I remember my first week of camp, training with Drake and thinking how hard it was going to be to sleep comfortably with this hairy blonde dude snoring away every night in the bunk above me, little did I know that after a days work in the lodge at HCSC we'd be able to sleep through practically anything. Drake's snoring never actually bothered me, and I was always amazed that no matter how much I teased him about it, or how exhausted we were, he never once took it badly, he could laugh at himself like nobody I ever met.

Campers and employees alike looked up to Drake, he was a staple of happiness and that awesome attitude that only a guy like him could really embody, not a mean bone in his body, one might cliche. I don't know if I could even count the amount of times Drake put the sheets on my campers beds for me, or saw them off at 4 am on departure day when I or another lodge counselor accidentally slept through our alarm.

To Drake's friends and family at SPU, the community of West Linn, Warner, Jennifer and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, I want everyone who loved and cared for Drake to know that by being apart of our lives, and thousands of campers lives this summer and in seasons past; Drake was snowboarding Drake embodied the spirit and attitude of the sport that he loved so, and he helped us get back to the very basics of what we all shred for, the fun and enjoyment of life, love, friendship and family. We all loved him so much, may he shred in peace.

– Mike Grasso

SPU locals, Want a free #shredfordrake T-shirt? Hit up Jack Wall with a blank shirt/item of clothing to print on at the start of spring semester and he will print one for you.


In SLC? Checkout DrakesRail! A crew of close friends (the SLC – HCSC crew)  pulled some strings and dug this HCSC feature in at Rail Gardens in memory of drake. #drakesrail   PCred: Blaze Kotsenburg