Shred Optics and Slytech Protection Open Marketing Office in Huntington Beach

Anomaly Action Sports, Shred Optics, Slytech ProtectionHQ for Shred Optics & Slytech Protection Remains in New Hampshire

Huntington Beach, CA (1 September 2015) – Shred Optics and Slytech Protection, global action sports brands owned by Anomaly Action Sports have opened a new marketing office in Huntington Beach, CA where they will plan and execute all global promotional, artistic, and advertising activities. US headquarters will still remain in New Hampshire, with their European headquarters in Venice, Italy.

The move to Southern California represents the brands' maturity and need for additional resources that an expansion to Huntington Beach can provide. As SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION continue to grow and support the industries they participate in the brands will continue to contribute to the passion surrounding all forms of shredding.

Co-founder, and two-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Ted Ligety shared, "it’s great to open Shred's and Slytech's marketing office in Huntington Beach in the core of the action sports world, which will help us engage with our core consumer and help our expansion into new markets like bike and surfing."

Co-founder, and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini imparted, "the influence and inspiration to continue to conceptualize progressive and innovative products will only be augmented through our integration into the heart of the action sports world in Huntington Beach. We are so excited to take these next necessary steps in the development of our brands."

Federico Merle, CMO/CFO passed on, "the growth of our brands required us to take the next step in terms of adding office locations and resources. We're super happy about basing our marketing efforts in Huntington Beach, the heart and soul of the action sports world."


Anomaly Action Sport designs, markets and distributes eyewear and protection brands SHRED and SLYTECH. Through these two brands, Anomaly Action Sport is able to bring the action sports industry a new wave of creativity and skills, leading to a multitude of industry-breakthroughs in engineering and product design. With focus on athletes, experience and forward thinking, it provides an unconventional approach to product development and business strategy as well as unparalleled dedication to safety and advanced technology. Through SHRED and SLYTECH, Anomaly Action Sport is able to showcase products and leadership in performance, quality and style. Both SHRED and SLYTECH are sold and distributed in approximately 40 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit, or join us at or on twitter @shredoptics and @slytechprotect, and on Instagram @shredoptics.

From the core, innovatively engineered, built for athletes' unbound pursuit of fun.


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