Simple Mobile Launches Stand Up Paddle Race Team

simple mobile/stand up paddle racing Danny Ching

simple mobile/stand up paddle racing Danny Ching

SIMPLE Mobile® Announces Formation of 404 SIMPLE Mobile Stand Up Paddle Race Team

Irvine, CA – (May 5, 2011) – SIMPLE Mobile® (, the wireless brand that strives to make mobile service simple for everyone, is stoked to announce a partnership with 404 Stand Up Paddle Boards and the formation of the 404 SIMPLE Mobile Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Race Team. Led by Danny Ching, winner of the 2010 Battle of the Paddle events in Hawaii and California, the 404 SIMPLE Mobile SUP Race Team is slated to compete in major events across the United States in 2011, including the upcoming Battle of the Paddle in Oahu, HI, the East Coast Paddleboard Championships and the H2O Overdrive in Utah.

"Partnering with SIMPLE Mobile is a good fit for the 404 team. Their philosophy of keeping wireless hassle free matches our commitment to racing and building great boards. We all just keep it simple," commented Ching. "Besides that, a lot of the guys at SIMPLE Mobile surf and are into SUP, so it's always great when a sponsor embraces what you do instead of being just another logo on your board."

In addition to Ching, the 404 SIMPLE Mobile Race Team is comprised of other notable paddlers, including Tyson Poppler, Patrick Dolan and Ryan Dolan. More information on the 404 SIMPLE Mobile Race Team can be found online at

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