Sitka Presents Its ‘Close To Home’ Collection

Sitka is debuting its Spring 2013 collection, Close to Home. The lifestyle brand takes inspiration from nature and the sea, and their collection reflects it. Take a look at what the Men’s and Women’s lines will have to offer, as well as collabs that will be making their way into the market.

Sitka Spring 2013 Collection – Close to Home from Sitka on Vimeo.

A lifestyle brand designed by the sea and woven by a common thread, Sitka is a product of the sea and the trees in which we find ourselves so at home. Our Spring 13 collection is an extension of these values; our reverence for the natural world and the beauty which surrounds and inspires us.

Close to Home is a journey into to the wild and untamed beauty of the world. Exploring the genre's of classic Canadiana work wear, 70's inspired surf grunge and the liquidity of the sea, we embark on a journey that takes us from the deepest seas to the tallest of trees.

Sitka's Spring 2013 women's collection brings the Sitka woman back to nature with outdoor inspired pieces. From suspender-ready pants and shirts to a sturdy brushed Cotton jacket with a removable top layer, she'll be able to adjust her gear  for chopping wood or heading out to catch dinner. She's also content at sea where her flowing dresses can dance with the breeze. These two extremes meet in the middle in our second delivery, which offers some edgier pieces appropriate for beach chilling or parking lot parties. This season's swimwear collection is tightened up to offer only our best styles in unique prints and classic solids.

In classic Sitka style, the Spring 2013 men's collection is for the daytime woodsman who sometimes returns to city dwelling in the evening. Or, if he prefers, the Sitka man stays put where he feels most at home – out in nature. This season's collection offers a new waterproof jacket that turns into a camping shanty with the addition of some wood and rope. With our custom fishing flies and hobo knife, he's set for longevity out in the elements.  Upon returning to civilization, he can choose from a number of wovens – some twill, some washed cotton and some custom flannel – to clean up a bit. As with the women's collection, the second delivery pieces offer pieces for a relaxed day on Canada's beaches.

As Sitka's nexus of interests and hobbies grows, so too does the network of like-minded individuals and companies that we connect with. This dynamic developed into some collaborations with those who share our creative spirit.