Skateboarding in a hemp field | The Afends Revolution

The ultimate satire | Afends built a halfpipe in the middle of a giant hemp field

The Australian apparel brand headed to their home turf to find the largest hemp field in the country and built a mini ramp smack-dab in the center. Although entertaining, the hempy pipe, no pun intended, was built in an effort to educate consumers on Afends’ sustainability program.

We here at Afends are trying to make our business as environmentally sustainable as we can, and by using products such as hemp, we can strive toward a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Their series, “The Hemp Revolution” is dedicated to creating a conversation about sustainability in the fashion industry, starting with hemp clothing. “Hemp reduces our carbon footprint, whilst feeding us both inside and out protecting us with breathable, environmentally friendly affordable housing, and in quality, soft and strong hemp clothing,” says Afends.



Afends ‘Hemp Revolution’:
Here at Afends we’ve jumped on the hemp bandwagon and are riding this proverbial train to more sustainable pastures. To celebrate our self-proclaimed sustainable legends status, we headed out to the largest hemp field in Australia, threw together a half pipe (literally, we built it on the day – DIY till we die!), and skated the crap out of our mini ramp right in the centre of a damn hemp field.