Skatepark Amsterdam Can Stay

The official ruling on Skatepark Amsterdam has been made, and the facility will stay in the NDSM warehouse until January 1st, 2014. Where to after that? That is yet to be decided, and although the struggle to stay has ended, the challenge of finding a new and worthy Amsterdam Skatepark is just beginning.

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The  times of uncertainty are over. Skatepark Amsterdam must leave before 1/1/2014 from the NDSM warehouse. The Kinetic North Foundation will continue, despite several actions, to redevelop the warehouse and try to make it profitable. Furthermore, she sees no future for a skate park elsewhere in the warehouse. This means that there will be a definitive end to the planned urban youth project in the NDSM warehouse, a project that likely arose from a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam North District and the Kinetic North Foundation.

The building, which was designed for skaters in Amsterdam and was subsidized by the City of Amsterdam, therefore remains the property of the Kinetic North Foundation. To find a new location that is equal to the current skatepark and its financial resources will be an enormous challenge. Yet, the Skatepark Amsterdam Foundation will do everything to achieve a worthy new Skatepark in Amsterdam.

The Skatepark Amsterdam Foundation regrets that its internationally acclaimed skatepark is once again left empty-handed. The countless children of Skatepark Amsterdam, who have found a second home, formed life long friendships and enjoyed themselves in a healthy way, are now forced back on the streets with all the dangers this entails.

Thanks goes out to all skaters, BMXers, parents, friends and girlfriends, shop owners, sponsors, national and international media for their loving commitment to ensure that Skatepark Amsterdam Foundation can continue her work. Initiatives of visitors included an online petition, which by no less than 7000 persons was drawn and a facebook page called Skatepark Amsterdam Moet blijven!, which in record time, received more than 2,700 members. Also many thanks to Emerica for organizing Emerica Wild in the Streets, Vans and Monster for the VansDowntownShowdown and Monster Energy photo upload action for which Skatepark Amsterdam received much attention for her situation.