Ski Areas Get Green With Wind Turbines

leitner-pomaLeitner-Poma, based in Grand Junction, Colorado designs wind turbines to power ski lifts and offset energy used by ski resorts.

Leitner-Poma of North America paired with Leitner Lifts, based in Italy (both under the Leitner technologies umbrella), have teamed up to develop a more efficient and cheaper lift. They have recently been working with direct-drive technology eliminates one-half of the rotating parts in a normal lift, creating a more efficient and cheaper lift.

Lightwind turbines are not the type you would find on big wind farms, used to power homes, but instead, they are highly-efficient, small-scale turbines, used to create green energy for individual companies, perfect for ski areas.

Leitwind has already installed a turbine at Whistler-Blackcomb Resort in British Columbia that offsets 25 percent of the resort’s energy consumption. The turbine is 20 stories high and is open to tourists with an observation platform at the top.