Skullcandy Adds Nick Wey To Motocross Roster

Last week, Skullcandy announced the addition of Nick Wey to their moto Squad. As a part of Skullcandy’s Team 27, Wey will be representing the headphone company for the 2011 SX and MX season.

ryan guettler skullcandy
"NYK has been a supporter of the brand for well over a year now, so it was about time we made things official. He is one of the most consistent riders around and also rolls around with his own unique style and personality, making him a fan favorite at every race and a perfect fit for the brand. I have backed NYK since the day I met him and am stoked to have him running the SKULL, plus somebody needs to keep his ego in check!" – Jason Kimball – Sports Marketing Manager – Skullcandy