Skullcandy Announces Revamped Skate Team

Boasting athletes Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Theotis Beasley and Steve Berra, Skullcandy has unveiled its revamped skate team. The four skaters will work with Skullcandy and its newest partner,, in order to create signature products, short films, photo spreads and skate videos.

The brand is transitioning to a more poignant focus on a small number of riders, leaving behind its previous roster, which included skaters like PLG, Rune Glifberg, Christian Hosoi, Greg Lutzka, and Lizard King, to name a few.

"Skateboarding is a major focus of our brand moving forward and we want to make sure our skate program is reflective of that," said Nate Morley, VP of Marketing + Creative.  "This team is a big step forward for us and represents what we set out to accomplish: to partner with industry icons and young superstars who love the Skullcandy brand."

Get a look at what's on the horizon for Skullcandy and its newest team, below:

(Park City, Utah -April 16, 2012) - “I’m really psyched about my new relationship with Skullcandy. The direction that they’re going with innovative audio accessories is awesome and something I really want to work with them on. I look forward to a fun future ahead,” said Eric Koston. 

Skullcandy, who has remained silent for months about the all-new skate team, has made multi-year commitments with each of the four pros.  Deals include, but are not limited to: the development of signature product, video and photo shoots, signature events and exclusive content produced in part with the Skullcandy partnership also announced earlier this month.

"I'm excited to skate for Skullcandy," said Sean Malto. "I love their products and I love where they're taking the brand, especially with their focus on skateboarding; it's a great thing to be part of. Plus, they're really focused on unique projects that will live beyond skateboarding. We already have some amazing material in the works."

"Being on Skullcandy has been great for me.  They've been really supportive of what I want to do and always help get my name out there with what they're doing," said Theotis Beasley of his continued relationship with Skullcandy.

Skullcandy has always been a big part of action sports, but this is a renewal of its commitment to skateboarding.