Smartfin’s New Fin Design Makes Meauring the Ocean Easier Than Ever


The Smartfin was designed with the goal measuring our oceans’ health, and raising awareness

December 29, 2015 – Dr. Andrew Stern, an ex-neurologist and current executive director of environmental group Lost Bird, had the idea that a surf board could be outfitted with sensors that gather important information for scientists to study. He approached Benjamin Thompson, founder of the surf-tech company BoardFormula, to see if his company could make it happen.

The result is Smartfin, a surfboard fin that houses sensors designed to measure multiple ocean parameters including salinity, pH, temperature, location, and wave characteristics during surf sessions. The data becomes accessible in near real-time, pairing with the user’s smartphone using Bluetooth once the surfer comes ashore.

The data collected will be made available to scientists worldwide conducting research, and will also be used to raise environmental awareness about the earth’s oceans.

The Smartfin, which can be added to any existing surfboard and performs just the same as a regular fin, automatically turns on and starts recording data when movement is detected. The battery is recharged by removing the fin and placing it on a Qi wireless charging pad.