SNOCRU App Goes Live


SNOCRU, the first mobile app for the snowsports industry, was recently released on the iTunes store.

The app allows riders, through GPS, to find other riders in their area and connect with them through instant chat. They can save contacts through SNOCRU, and search for friends through a constantly updated newsfeed of SNOCRU’s users.

The app also allows users to track their speed, and the number of runs they’ve taken in a day.  They can check snow reports from the global “Top 15” snow totals. The “Near Me” function allows users to find places to shop, eat and drink.

An Android version of SNOCRU should be available before the start of the ski season.


The principal function of SNOCRU is to allow users to see other 'CRU' members in proximity to their location and – depending on privacy settings – allow people to connect through an instant chat function (plus phone or email). Users create their own CRU by adding contacts from their address book or searching for other users on the platform. A proprietary Newsfeed keeps a user's CRU up-to-date.

"This central feature allows users to see each other on the mountain, meet up and shred in real time," adds Steve Metcalf, SNOCRU partner and snowsports industry veteran. "This is the very essence of the micro social movement. We've created a social network for people of similar interests and include everything they need to enhance that experience."

To this end, SNOCRU provides snow conditions and information from over 1,500 resorts worldwide and allows users to track their speed, elevation and number of runs in a day. Users can also choose their favorite resorts to monitor, see local resort results, as well as check the global 'Top 15' snow totals. The unique 'Near Me' function – powered by Google Places – finds the closest shop, ATM, bar or pizza joint in an instant. Users can also share comments, updates and photos from SNOCRU on traditional Facebook and Twitter social media channels.