2014 Snowboarding Industry Conference Schedule Finalized



WHEN: APRIL 1 – 4, 2014


• Arrivals

• Opening reception at Parallax–Kick off the conference with a great dinner at 9,600 feet. We'll take the gondola up to mid-mountain to enjoy some high-altitude atmosphere and great company.

• Opening Night Fireside Chat With Todd Richards–World Snowboarding Champion and U.S. Olympian Todd Richards just made his third appearance as NBC's snowboarding analyst during the network's coverage of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. In addition to being one of the best competitive snowboarders of all time, Richards is also an entrepreneur, author, and one of the funniest people in the sport. He'll share his perspective on the recent Olympic games, the experience of building two brands, and his take on the state of snowboarding today.


• Early Ups Mountain Access for anyone interested in fresh tracks

• State of the Industry Update – A Detailed Look At The Most Recent Sales And Participation Numbers
Presented By Kelly Davis, Director of Research for SIA (Snowsports Industries of America)

• SIA Committee Update

• Market Watch with Jeff Harbaugh
Jeff Harbaugh, who received his MBA in finance and international business from the Wharton School, will explain the business model he thinks any retailer or brand will have to adjust to in order to make money in snowboarding. He'll also relate that model to current economic conditions and share his thoughts on where the economy is headed.

Roundtable Exercise with Group Y – Part 1
A new concept this year, attendees will be broken into small groups and presented with fictional scenarios that draw inspiration from real-life challenges that the industry faces. Groups will work together to develop a detailed action plan, which they'll present to the entire group, and a panel of experts the following day.

• Dinner at Yodler Bar and Restaurant


• Early Ups Mountain Access for anyone interested in fresh tracks

• Love, Desire, and Culture Creating with Michael Jager from JDK Design
With snowboarding three decades in, the reality is clear that any cultural idea worthy of time and energy can never sleep. How we evolve as a living idea that is rationally, emotionally and culturally relevant is everything. Proactively creating culture is what matters more then ever. Defending the ideas of the past is nothing more then media masturbation. Sideways is an ethos, people are not targets, and curiosity is the cure. "The future is unwritten" -Joe Strummer

Mark Hedstrom, US Director for Movemeber
The Movemeber movement turned a kitschy mustache trend into $466 Million dollars in donations, funding 577 projects dedicated to promoting men's health. Find out how Mark sets the strategy and effectively executes Movemebers' annual campaign in the United States, including efforts in marketing, public relations, corporate partnerships, business and community engagement, finance and operations.

• Roundtable Exercise with Group Y – Part 2
Groups return to deliver their action plans to a panel of experts and the group as a whole. After receiving feedback, the plans will be finalized and published publically as case studies on the Transworld Business website

• Dinner and Wrap-Up Reception


• Check Out and Ride Until It's Time To Leave