Snowboarding’s Elite Swarm Mammoth for Superpark 13: Superstition in the Sierras

San Juan Capistrano, CA (May 4, 2009) – Don't be surprised if you find scores of snowboarders wearing their socks inside out, carrying a rabbit's foot and avoiding cracks in the road to insure that fate is on their side this week in Mammoth, California for Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark 13: Superstition in the Sierras presented by Gatorade.

The event kicks off tomorrow and runs through Saturday, May 10, 2009. It's an invite only exhibition and the attendees represent the who's who of the snowboarding community from the athletes and builders to the photographers and film makers. Some personalities to watch for are Finnish slopestyle master Eero Niemela, quarterpipe expert Pat Moore and veteran BJ Leins among many other notable talents.

These athletes will have the privilege of riding one of the most progressive parks in North America created for them by the innovative builders of Mammoth, Bear and Loon Mountain resorts. Some of the inventive features now gracing the slopes of Mammoth's Chair 4 South Park include a 90 foot four way crossup transfer, four story hip and 100 foot step over.

One of the unique qualities of the Superpark establishment is the creative reciprocity that exists between the build crews and riders. Both parties' top priority is to take the sport to new heights and over the past 12 years the riders and builders alike have come leaps and bounds. However, "Gatorade's involvement this year will help us elevate the event to a whole new level" said Snowboarder's Publisher, Chris Engelsman. "Superpark 13 is set to raise the bar even higher!"

"[Gatorade is] thrilled to support the Superpark and Ms. Superpark events because it's always great to see snowboarding's top riders focused first and foremost on having a good time and pushing to progress," said Kenny Mitchell, action sports team manager with Gatorade. "For a pro rider this can mean long days and lots of hiking and riding at a high elevation that can get exhausting, which makes hydration even more critical and that’s why Gatorade is a natural fit at Superpark."

Snowboarder is annually astonished by the determination of its Superpark participants. They hit the slopes early and board long after most would have called it a day. Therefore, extra special thanks go out to Gatorade not only for their support of this event, but also for helping to keep the athletes hydrated and happy up on the hill.
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