Sovereign Earth Launches Water Filter Bottle At ASR

Sovereign Earth

Sovereign Earth is very excited to announce the official launch of the new 'Guardian' Stainless water filter bottle at ASR this week (booth 1028). This advanced water filtration unit is designed for rugged application with non-potable fresh water sources, from taps, lakes, rivers, streams or pools.

Whether you're an outback adventurer or an international traveler on your next exotic surf trip, the Guardian bottle will protect you from water-borne contaminants so that you can keep surfing, as well as keep your body healthy and hydrated!
At the same time, protecting the environment and OUR oceans from plastic bottles, by you never having to buy and discard one ever again – don't go on your next trip without one!

We hope to show you this true accessory with intent, value and purpose at ASR. An accessory for life to go hand-in-hand with your Sunblock, Wax, Sunnies and First Aid kit!

Raphael Seeck – Action Sports Field Agent.