SponsorPark’s Online Community


While SponsorPark is well known for connecting firms seeking sponsors for events and programs with potential sponsors, the website is also making a name for itself creating the first online community bringing together all facets of the sponsorship industry.

"It was a natural to create SponsorPark to bring sponsorship opportunities and potential sponsors together on the web," said SponsorPark Co-Founder Emily Taylor. "But we also wanted to foster an entire community to create the first place on the web where everyone and every business focused on sponsorships could come together and collaborate to improve the entire industry – allowing for more accessible, intentional connection."

SponsorPark is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive advertising and listing service to help vendors, or anyone involved in the sponsorship industry, post a quick reference to their services on the SponsorPark website to grow their business and offer valuable services to the other members of the community.

"It's the most appropriate place on the web for anyone servicing the sponsorship world to broadcast their services to their target market since our site users are so targeted," Taylor said. "We really want to create the place to bring the entire community together."

Two support-style businesses already listed on the SponsorPark resources page are txtstation: Global Mobile Marketing and Waitt Interactive.

"Nearly any business can really cater its services to the unique needs of the sponsorship industry," Taylor said. "I would expect to soon have accountants, lawyers, web designers and other related services available on our resources page."

To get more information about signing up your business to be a resource to the sponsorship industry on SponsorPark, please visit them on the web at www.sponsorpark.com.