Spy Announces Results Of New Consumer Study On Happy Lens Technology

spy announces results of new study on happy lens technology

Spy Announces Results Of New Consumer Study On Happy Lens Technology

PRESS RELEASE --CARLSBAD, Calif.--SPY Inc. (OTCBB: XSPY) today announced the SPY Happy Lens™ is the overwhelming choice for U.S. sunglass wearers, according to a recent survey by Tragon Corp.

According to the survey, 76 percent of respondents rated Happy Lens as being "better than their current sunglasses," with 75 percent purchase interest and the Happy Lens concept scoring 7.5 overall (on a 9 point hedonic liking scale). Additionally, 90 percent of consumers thought the Happy Lens sunglasses were new or different compared to other sunglasses on the market, while it also met or exceeded expectations for 85 percent of users.

“These results are remarkable because they convey such a powerful consumer preference for the therapeutic benefits and visual experience that the SPY Happy Lens provides,” says Michael Marckx, SPY president and CEO. "The Happy Lens met or exceeded the expectations of 85% of consumers, indicating the product delivered exceptionally well on its 'happy' concept. Another incredible aspect of this study was that 90% of consumers believed the Happy Lens offering was new/different than anything on the market, with 58% of them considering them as extremely new and/or different. Needless to say, we are tremendously excited our lens innovation has been met with such a dramatically positive reception from consumers."

spy announces results of new consumer study on happy lens technologyThe biggest breakthrough in sun lens technology in decades, the innovative Happy Lens™ was designed in Carlsbad, Calif. and is the first and only lens technology specifically designed to maximize the transmission of the sun's "good" rays. The Happy Lens™ patent-pending technology blocks the sun's harmful UV rays and short-wave blue light ("bad" rays), while allowing in the sun's beneficial wavelengths ("good" rays). It's exposure through the eyes to these "good" rays that research indicates bring about a number of positive psychological and physiological changes, including elevated mood and increased alertness. The SPY Happy Lens™ also features color and contrast enhancement and the option of state-of-the-art glare-reducing polarization for an instantly happier view of the world.

Known as the "Wizard of Light," Jim Pritts--industry sun lens veteran who collaborated with SPY to develop the patent-pending Happy Lens technology--has pioneered many new premium sunglasses and lens products over three decades.

"Sunglasses up till now have focused on a combination of fashion, protection, or visual performance," says Jim Pritts. "Today, the consumer is increasingly looking for products, in all categories, that positively affect how they feel. I was confident that sunglass lenses could be designed to fully achieve the "feel good" experience and the Tragon research was confirmation that this was achieved with Happy Lens."

Other key findings include the Happy Lens rating higher in all mood and emotions statements; most notably for mood improvement, alertness and energy, comfort in bright sun and glare, relaxed and comfortable on the eyes, and visual appearance of colors, indicating the glasses delivered against the concept and provided these "happy" benefits.

"Happy Lens was significantly preferred over the test subject's current sunglasses for not just the Happy Lens concept, but for general attributes such as ability to block glare, clarity of vision, and color and contrast enhancement," says Tragon Corp. "The results were positive across the board, and we are very pleased with the outcome of this study."

The study involved 78 adults--65 percent males and 35 percent females, ages 18-45 that have purchased and regularly wear premium sunglasses--from the San Francisco area in June 2014. Each user was required to wear the Happy Lens sunglasses for one week and their current sunglasses for one week--either before or after wearing the Happy Lens--and evaluated both pairs when worn for driving, sports or general use.

With its headquarters in Redwood Shores, Calif., Tragon is a leader in sensory evaluation and market research, specializing in "getting inside the mind of the consumer." The company's team of scientists, technologists and marketing specialists has pioneered many of the sensory methodologies considered industry standard today. Tragon is utilized for product research by seven out of ten product manufacturers around the world.

To see how the Happy Lens works, go to http://youtu.be/WP73w9JhzEw. View the entire SPY Happy Lens Collection at www.spyoptic.com/happy/. For additional information about Tragon Corp., go to www.tragon.com/. For more information about SPY, log-on at www.spyoptic.com, www.facebook.com/spyoptic, Twitter @spyoptic and @spyoptic on Instagram.

SPY Inc.:

We have a happy disrespect for the usual way of looking (at life) and the need to SEE HAPPY. It is this mindset that drives us to design, market, and distribute premium products for people who "live" to be outdoors, pushing the boundaries in action sports, motorsports, snow sports, cycling and multi-sports. We actively support the lifestyle subcultures that surround these pursuits, and as a result our products serve the broader fashion, music and entertainment markets of the youth culture. Our reason for being is to create the unusual and this is what helps us deliver distinctive products to people who are active, fun and a bit irreverent, like us. Our principal products--sunglasses, goggles and prescription frames--are marketed with fun and creativity under the SPY® brand. More information about SPY may be obtained from: www.spyoptic.com, www.facebook.com/spyoptic, Twitter @spyoptic and Instagram @spyoptic.


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