SPY High Flying 4/20 Ride Day At Pala Raceway


On April 20th, to celebrate of the completion of the "SPY Shady Spot" portable lounge, SPY hosted the first "Dethrone the King Holeshot Race" at Pala Raceway, attracting a very large crowd of motocross racers, fans and industry professionals. Jeremy McGrath was this year's reigning king and several Average Joes took to the starting line to knock him off the throne. The race was filled with chaos and shenanigans as everyone battled to the finish line and ultimately SPY endorser and KTM's own Mike Sleeter and SPY athlete Grant Langston were victorious.

Hole Shot Race

After the race there was the SPY Mini Bike Relay. Team Deft Gloves took top honors, just nudging out the SPY team who took second, followed by The Easter Bunnies and Team Kawasaki in third and fourth place.

The day would not have been complete if it wasn’t for  Jeremy McGrath, DC Shoes, Deft Gloves, Kawasaki, KTM, Transworld Motocross and Wing and the crew at Wahoo's Fish Taco all helping to make the day a big success.