SPY Launches ‘Happy Glass’ Polarized Lens Tech


SPY Happy Glass

SPY Happy Lens: the Latest Polarized Tech Offering

CARLSBAD, Calif.—SPY is Happy to introduce Happy Glass™—the most premium color and contrast enhancing and scratch resistant polarized glass lenses on the planet—into four of SPY's most popular sunglass styles. The Atlas, Dega, Farrah and Rover each feature SPY's Italian made Happy Glass lenses, which provide untouchable optical clarity while allowing in the sun's "good" rays (long-wave blue light) that studies suggest create an uplift in mood and alertness. Happy Glass lenses block the sun's "bad" rays (short-wave blue light and UV rays) and are also Trident™ polarized, blocking over 99% of glare and allowing you to stay out all day and play.

The Atlas, Dega, Farrah and Rover join the Admiral, Cyrus, Discord and McCoy to round out the Happy Glass Collection. All eight frames are web exclusives, only available on spyoptic.com. Happy Glass has an MSRP of $250.

  • Innovative SPY Happy Lens technology—a color contrast enhancing lens technology that studies suggest creates an uplift in mood and alertness
  • Trident polarization—blocks over 99% of glare
  • Atlas, Dega and Rover are constructed from virtually indestructible Grilamid®
  • Farrah is built from high-quality propionate
  • Dega features Dale Jr. signature inside print
  • Atlas includes a custom JJF neoprene sunglass leash
  • Comes with a premium sunglass case
  • 100% UV protection
SPY's color and contrast enhancing Happy Lens is the first and only lens technology designed to allow in the sun's "good" rays (long-wave blue light) that studies suggest create an uplift in mood and alertness, while still blocking the sun's "bad" rays (short-wave blue light and UV rays). Research indicates that exposure through the eyes to these "good rays" brings about a number of positive physiological changes, including elevated mood and increased alertness. Similar technology is used by lighting manufacturers in products designed to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. SPY has a patent pending on this "therapeutic eyewear" and is the only eyewear company with this advanced technology.