STANCE Free Download And Daily Habit Feature

The wait is over. STANCE, the all women’s, high-def film from J. Mills Entertainment is available for your downloading pleasure at

Also, be sure and check out STANCE stars Kimmy Fasani and Hana Beaman, as well as the men behind the lens, Stan Evans and Jeremy Miller tomorrow on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit.”

Airing Friday, October 2 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (6:00 pm Pacific Time) and telecast three additional times, Kimmy Fasani, Hana Beaman, Stan Evans and Jeremy Miller will appear on "The Daily Habit."

Today, pro snowboarders Kimmy Fasani and Hana Beaman drop in on The Habit to talk about their film parts in the shredderific snowboarding film "STANCE." Also, the producers of "STANCE" – Stan Evans and Jeremy Miller – stop by to tell us about pushing the limits of snowboard films with an all-female cast. Plus, our very own Jordan Morris kicks it with his fellow cast mate Sandra Bullock at the press premiere of the film "All About Steve."

Kimmy Fasani's sponsors include: DC, Smith, Emergen-C and Skullcandy. Hana Beaman's sponsors include: Vans, VonZipper, Ride, Rockstar, Nixon, Zinka and Bear Mountain.

kimmy fasani, hana beaman