Stealth Headwear Has Officially Launched

Stelth Headwear has officially launched. Founded in 2011, the hat company has spent the last year building a solid foundation within the skate community.

"I initially developed the concept of Stelth to serve as a unique price point item for retail. But as we developed the products, we started seeing a strong demand from the community to build this into a full-blown brand. The positive response has been overwhelming from core retailers carrying our products to an amazing team of skaters and artists that are now representing our company." – Rod James

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All things Stelth provided right here:

3/14/2012—The idea to form Stelth Headwear came from pro skateboarder Rod James, who has worked in many facets of the skateboard industry over the past 15 years, both as a company owner and professional skateboarder (Finesse Skateboards). Rod discovered a need for a high quality urban branded headwear company that offered great margins to the retailer and a reasonable price point to the customer.

To date Stelth Headwear has amassed an ecclectic and talented team, or as the website says "family" of brand ambassadors. The current roster consists of Rodrigo Lima, Andrew Pott, Mike York , Ronson Lambert, Andre Genovesi, Anthony Shetler and Building….

Stelth Headwear is intended for those looking to live life below the radar, the unsung heros and the kings of the streets.