Steve Rodriguez Introduces The New Coleman Skatepark

The freshly redesigned LES/Coleman Skatepark is making its debut. Though technically still a work in progress, the park was able to open for Go Skateboarding Day. NY Skateboarding got an exclusive interview with Steve Rodriguez,

Thanks for coming out to the "sneak peek" of the new Coleman Oval Skatepark on Go Skateboarding Day (6/21). As was stated in ceremonies the parks department was nice enough to allow us to open up the park before it was completed for the event. At this time the park and surrounding area/fences/details need to be completed so the park is closed and off limits until further notice. I would appreciate everyone's patience to not use the park until it is completed and officially open as any energy or time California Skateparks, the Parks Department, NYPD have to put into enforcing this will just delay the park being completed and open. For the latest updates on the LES park and most things NYC skateboard related follow me on instagram @steveRNYC or subscribe to me on facebook (Steve Rodriguez) –┬áSteveR