Sitka Introduces Two New Surfboard Shapes

Sitka has just released two new surfboard shapes, “The Hatchet” and “The Pocket Knife,” which are custom designed pro models for team riders Noah Cohen and Peter Devries, respectively. Both new models were shaped by Jay Novak and put through thorough testing by Cohen and Devries in Southern California.

Read on for the specs on the new boards and check out Sitka’s “Tricks of the Trade” videos below to see how each board evolved from start to finish.

Noah Cohen's model, "The Hatchet,” was developed with mainly smaller and flatter waves in mind. Ridden a couple inches shorter and about half an inch wider than a standard shortboard, it creates speed through flat sections, but still allows you to lay it on rail when you are on steeper and more powerful wave faces.

Tricks Of The Trade – Part One – The Hatchet from Sitka on Vimeo.

Peter Devries' model, "The Pocket Knife,” was developed for anything from knee high to over head and a half. It’s a thinned out high performance short board that holds rail well and fits very nicely in the pocket. Great for airs, tubes and turns.

Tricks Of The Trade – Part Two – The Pocket Knife from Sitka on Vimeo.