Stoke Certified: World’s First Resort Sustainability Assessment

stoke-certified-rideStoke Certified offers the world’s first ground-up resort sustainability assessment.

STOKE Certified is the Sustainable Tourism Operator's Kit for Evaluation. Stoke is the world's first sustainability certification program for surf and ski tourism operators.

STOKE’s motto is “Ride Forever”– a mantra we can all appreciate. STOKE claims their mission as “empowering riders and businesses to create a sustainable culture.” They accomplish this in part by offering consulting, marketing, and project management plans for surf and snow resorts.

Before STOKE there was no way to quickly, easily, and accurately gauge and compare the sustainability of surf/ snow tourism operations. 

STOKE’d for Surf: Since 2010, they have streamlined more than 140 quantifiable measures and 320 indicators of sustainability specifically designed for the surf tourism sector.

STOKE’d for Snow: Since 2012, they have refined more than 150 quantifiable measures and 300 indicators of sustainability specifically designed for the ski and snowboard tourism sector.


STOKE Certified operators have developed comprehensive sustainability management plans that ensure they are protecting the places you love to surf and ride, and the people who live there.

Their vision is to create a demand for sustainability from within the riding community.

They hope that consumers– surfers and riders– will show resort operators that they’re passionate about protecting what they love. When you, as a consumer, put your money toward supporting tourism resorts committed to sustainability, other resorts will follow suit. Think basic supply and demand principles- we need to demand that resorts leave less negative impact on the areas around them.

They state that “Choosing a STOKE Certified operator is a guarantee that the impact from your surf/ snow trip is not only being mitigated, but is actually having a positive effect on the destination and helping to solve global sustainability challenges so you can relax and stay stoked.”

STOKE reminds us WHY WE RIDE:

“Getting stoked is why we ride—it fuels our passion and love for the mountains, ocean, and journey in between. Without it, the inspiration to experience and support the cultures, communities, and environments where we ride would not exist. STOKE Certified is committed to keeping the stoke alive for generations to come.”

What’s their method?

In short, certified members do this by (amongst many other things)

  • disposing of liquid and solid waste effectively
  • using available renewable energy sources
  • reducing their carbon footprint
  • harvesting and conserving rainwater
  • contributing to environmental conservation
  • paying fair wages through legal contracts with benefits
  • supporting local businesses
  • contributing to local cultural activities
  • respecting local customs

STOKE Certified’s comprehensive sustainability assessment provides criteria to help resorts establish a benchmark of where they're at and create a "roadmap to compliance." 

STOKE intends for this approach to help YOU choose operators who enhance the places you visit and support the communities that thrive there.

Which resorts are already STOKE Certified, or on their surefire way to becoming so?

Surf resorts: Tavarua Island Resort, Wavepark Surf Resort, Turtle Bay Resort, Matanivusi Surf Resort, Resort Latitude Zero, Kwepunha Retreat

Snow Resorts: Diamond Peak, Mt Abram, China Peak, Mt Ashland

These mark inspiring and revolutionizing times for the surf and snow tourism industry. STOKE’d efforts give us all hope for upcoming generations and the future state of the environment. We’re all for supporting these resorts that dedicate themselves to protecting our Earth and our people!


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