Street League at X Games LA: Final Recap

Nyjah killing it at the Street League at X Games in LA.

Street League at X Games LA: Final Recap

Last Saturday the eight remaining skaters from the day before: Chris Cole, Bastien Salabanzi, Ryan Decenzo, Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), Nyjah Huston, Torey Pudwill, Shane O'Neill, and Luan Oliveira got started with the Flow Section in LA. Besides Decenzo, they're all vets of this contest and know it's all about timing and consistency.

Bastien is a crowd favorite and had his moments but couldn't get it together thus he got the lowest score and was eliminated after the Flow Section. Nyjah and Luan killed it in flow. Nyjah is a natural when it comes to this contest having been the overall winner of SLS in 2010 and in 2012. Luan's run in LA like his run Portland in the Flow Section pushed him into the Control Section.

Luan gave everyone a run for their money in the Control Section with a nollie noseslide to nollie 270 heelflip varial out on the Hubba. Nyjah pulled off a Caballerial to backside noseblunt to fakie on the bump to rail and then tried to out do himself with a Cab flip into backside noseblunt but he couldn't quite land it. Torey's inability to land a laser flip, during his multiple attempts, from the center ramp to the flat, prevented him from making it to the Impact Section but after his elimination he stuck the trick for the crowd.

Chris, Ryan, Paul, Nyjah, Shane, and Luan were the six skaters that moved on to the Impact Section. After P-Rod's win in Portland it was disappointing to see him finish sixth in LA but he looked like he was holding back compared to Nyjah and Luan. It seemed like pressure was an issue not only for Torey but also for Shane who whipped out a switch 360 double flip in practice that he couldn't quite execute in the competition. If he had landed that trick in the Impact Section it would have been the first 10 Club in Street League history. He ended in fifth even though he nailed a switch 360 flip down the stairs for a 9 Club.

Ryan, coming in fourth, has what it takes but needs to step it up if he wants to keep up with these SLS vets. Cole's consistency was the only thing that got him into second place because his performance was lackluster. He pushed Luan into third by only .4 points because he landed four tricks compared to Luan's three. Luan was neck and neck with Nyjah and he could have won the event had he had one more trick of an 8.8 or better. Nyjah won having just landed one more trick than Luan and that was the deciding factor.

After Nyjah blew it in Portland and was eliminated earlier than he ever has been he definitely came back strong in LA. On the 12-foot long rails off the stairs, he nailed a backside bigspin to frontside boardslide, kickflip frontside boardslide, kickflip backside lipslide, and switch frontside blunt slide. Even after he blew everyone else out of the water he stomped out a kickflip backside tailslide to fakie, just for fun and another 9 Club.


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Skater Score Flow Control Impact Impact AST Overall AST
1 Nyjah Huston 53.0 8.7 9.1 35.2 8.8 8.8
2 Chris Cole 44.6 7.3 7.8 29.5 7.4 7.4
3 Luan Oliveira 44.2 8.9 9.3 26.0 8.7 8.8
4 Ryan Decenzo 38.3 7.8 8.2 22.3 7.4 7.7
5 Shane O'Neill 33.1 7.4 8.9 16.8 8.4 8.3
6 Paul Rodriguez 32.8 7.2 9.1 16.5 8.3 8.2
7 Torey Pudwill 14.6 6.4 8.2 7.3
8 Bastien Salabanzi 6.1 6.1 6.1