Study ID’s Most Effective Marketing Tools For Resorts

Marketing is crucial to the success of any ski resort- but where are marketing dollars most cost effective? In a survey of 100 ski resort managers, taken by GenAura and Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine, resort websites are the most efficient tool for self- promotion, boasting a 95% chance of increasing sales through endorsements and advertisements.

Resources like online coupon sites, for example Groupon, or social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter also have shown a positive impact on sales growth, with a 75% chance of boosting revenue.

Photo courtesy of SAM Magazine

Location based services similar to FourSquare, and online communities sponsored by resorts only have a 33% chance of increasing sales, and advertisements through resort apps and QR codes fall short with a likelihood of less than a 40%. These numbers indicate that resorts are not as proficient at enhancing profits when using their own promotional tools as opposed to when they employ other technologies on hand, like social media sites.

Photo courtesy of SAM Magazine

By creating a strong social media presence, buying online advertisements through sites like Google Ads, offering promotional coupon deals, and building a solid website, resorts can make the most of their marketing dollars, and have the highest chance of boosting sales.

For more, read the press release below:

2/13/2012--GenAura and Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine surveyed almost 100 ski resort managers to understand the digital technologies and services that those managers are using to improve their promotional and advertising strategies.  This landmark study (the first of its kind) reveals that social media networks (e.g., Facebook) and microblogging services (e.g., Twitter) have joined resort websites as the most popular promotional and advertising vehicles for ski resorts.  Ski resorts are less likely to incorporate other technologies and services, including QR codes, resort apps, and location-based services (e.g., Foursquare), in their promotional and adverting strategies.  Of major importance is the sales-generating potential of the various technologies and service at a resort's disposal.  Which digital approaches have the best chance of increasing sales?  The GenAura and SAM study reveals that promotions dispensed via websites, social networks, microblogging services, and text messages regularly achieve both short- and long-term sales gains.  Additionally, ski resorts report that advertising via resort websites, social media networks, microblogging services, and distribution sharing services (e.g., YouTube) drives both short- and long-term sales increases.  Other technologies and services, including QR codes, location-based services, resort apps, and virtual communities are less likely to increase sales.

A complete description of the study and its findings appears in an executive report, "Social Networks and Digital Technologies:  Their Impact on Ski Industry Marketing and Sales." The report includes best practices and specific directives for ski resort managers to consider as they formulate their marketing and communications strategies; it is valuable for ski resort mangers who want to learn how to leverage the available technologies and services to increase sales and managers of information technology services companies who want to understand how their products and services are used by ski resorts.  Interested parties can purchase the report and additional white papers at the SAM website at

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