Sullen Clothing Launches Sullen Musik

Linking up with distribution partner Eulita Music Group, Sullen Clothing is launching a music label: Sullen Musik. This new independent label will make its debut with Sullen Musik Vol. 1, an LP featuring 22 songs from 18 individual artists and collaborations. In addition, the label’s inaugural LP release from The Slow Forward,  When We Are All, will drop along with Sullen Musik Vol. 1.

"Sullen Musik is one more extension of the Sullen's TRUE ART lifestyle," said Jeremy Hanna, co-founder and Director of Marketing for Sullen Clothing. "The brand grew up in Huntington Beach, immersed in West Coast, So Cal culture. Our lifestyle reflects that, and our genetics have always been rooted in the tattoo, art, action sport and local music communities. The launch of Sullen Musik is a reflection of the importance of music to our lifestyle, and is a platform for us to help emerging artists and work with our Sullen Family of sponsored musicians."

Los Alamitos, Calif. (July 12, 2012) — Sullen Musik Vol. 1 features a compilation of established and emerging Southern California-based artists including: B-Real (Cypress Hill) w/ Oscar Brown; Mest; Shifty's Crazy Town; Andy Vargas (Santana Band) w/ One Tribe Nation; Good Guys in Black (BMX Legend Rick Thorne); Ca$his; The Psycho Realm; The Pricks; Attika 7 (Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard/Rusty Coones of Illusion Motorsports); Lords of Ruin; Tony "2Tone" Gutierrez; The Slow Forward; Lost Souls; Low Life Music; and Inhale.

"Our goal is to be a platform for emerging artists who have become part of the Sullen Family and live our lifestyle," said Chris Egger, Director of Sullen Musik and Public Relations for Sullen Clothing. "Sullen Musik Vol. 1 reflects the sounds of our underground as it exists today in Southern California, where the brand has its roots. We plan a series of compilations to reflect the broad spectrum of Sullen affiliated artists on a national and international level, and will also plan to support the release of 5 to 10 LP and EP releases each year from artists and bands who affiliate with the Sullen lifestyle."

Sullen Musik's first LP release from The Slow Forward, When We Are All, coincides with the launch of Sullen Musik and Sullen Musik Vol. 1. A longtime Sullen Clothing sponsored band, The Slow Forward hail from Fullerton, CA. Hitting the Sullen focus on TRUE ART, the 12 song LP plays like a concept project from beginning to end, unleashing a storm of uncompromising, in your face and at times melodic and transcendental metal…all with a narrative thread weaving song to song in a complex tapestry of music, energy and creativity.

"Partnering with Sullen Clothing and the Sullen Family of talent is a perfect fit for Eulita Music Group," said Mike De Armond, founder of Eulita Music Group. "Our independent label also operates like a family with our talent, and we share a similar take with the Sullen founders on what defines a strong sound, scene and style. We will provide a conduit for the best and brightest of the brand's affiliated musical talent to reach the world, with a commitment to keeping Sullen Musik grounded in the brand's lifestyle."

About Sullen Musik:

Sullen Musik is an independent music label focused on incubating and launching up and coming talent aligned with the lifestyle established by Sullen Clothing, the art driven apparel brand founded by partners Ryan Smith and Jeremy Hanna in Huntington Beach, CA, and now available on six continents and in more than 46 countries. The international upstart has created a movement uniting a diverse scene rooted in counter culture style, original tattoo and underground art, action sports and affiliated music genres – making the formation of an independent label the next step in the evolution of the Sullen Family of brands. Sullen Musik stands alongside Sullen Clothing, the Sullen Art Collective, Sullen TV and the Sullen Angels as the defining voice of the counter culture. For information about Sullen Musik and all its Sullen Family affiliates, please visit