Sunology Sunscreen Partners With Huntington Beach Surf Schools

After getting voted as one of the “essentials” for summer snowboarding camp by TransWorld SNOW, Sunology sunscreen—which was rated by the Environmental Watch Group as one of the top ten sunscreen products free of any man-made chemicals— has formed key partnerships with the Huntington Beach based Corky Carroll Surf School  and the Huntington State Beach Lifeguard Association. Here’s a look at what the product is all about:

Carlsbad, CA – While traditional professional sports like golf and action sports seemed to be dramatically different and share few things in common, the "sports" all have one thing in common. The participants spend most of their day under the direct sun…and now wisely share the benefits of using the new 100% chemical free sunscreen products from Sunology Sunscreen.

Sunology, the official sunscreen of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, is now being used by the surfing community and several lifeguarding groups, including Huntington State Beach Lifeguard Association. Huntington Beach, California is known to many as "Surf City U.S.A." and is "job site" to some of the best, and most dedicated lifeguards in the world. 

The Sunology supported Huntington State Beach Lifeguard Association will be heading to the national lifeguard competition in Cape May, New Jersey and competition against 400 professional and 700 junior guards in paddleboard races, rescue board relays, distance swims, surf ski relays, and an Ironman.

Sunology was also recently rated by TransWorld Snowboarding as one of the "essentials" for going to summer snowboarding camps. The TW Snowboarding review was also quick to mention the extensive product test that Sunology received from the Environmental Watch Group ( and the consumer review group's annual sunscreen report. Sunology was reviewed against more then 1,800 other sunscreens, and it was rated as one of the top 10 based on Sunology's strict adherence to being free of any man-made chemicals.

Sunology sunscreen products are one of the world's finest sunscreens and are the only sunscreens containing VitaOlefera Complex with antioxidants, Omega 6 & 9 oils, Vitamin A, C, & E, made free of any man-made chemicals, provide 50 SPF, are the only sunscreen the contains MicroReflexion technology.

Sunology comes in four product varieties:

Sunscreen Face Crème / 3 oz. tube / 50 SPF

Sunscreen Body Lotion / 3 oz. tube / 50 SPF

Sport Sunscreen Stick / .47 oz. / 35 SPF

Kids Sunscreen Lotion / 3 oz. tube / 50 SPF

What won the respect for Sunology from many of the lifeguards and other hardcore "watermen" were also the facts that Sunology does not add any water or alcohol to its products, so when you jump in and out of the water all day or sweat on the hot sand, the products will not run or burn you eyes. 

Chris Egan, of the Huntington Beach State Beach Lifeguard Association put it, " I can't afford to have my eyes blurred and burning when I'm trying to run down the beach." Our HB team of guards competing at the United States Lifesaving Association National Championships will also be using Sunology and we stoked to not have oily hands and bodies when you are in a racing relay. 

Sunology is working with Corky Carroll Surf Schools also in Huntington Beach, CA, to provide product to all their summer campers. "As a surfer and person responsible for kids that come to our summer camps and spend every day 9 am – 3 pm in the sun and ocean, I definitely was happy offering Sunology Sunscreen because I know that we are not saturating kid's skin with weird chemicals." "Plus Sunology does not leave any stuff floating around in the oceans and reefs" said Keith Coleman, Corky Carroll Surf School director.

Sunology is currently seeking wholesalers, representatives, distribution and retail partners within core shops and all outdoor retailers. The company will be exhibiting during the Outdoor Retailer Show and at the Open-air Demo. For interest in carrying Sunology Sunscreen,  email Mike Lyons at