Surf Expo Gears Up For Bangers For Bucks

Surf Expo is right around the corner, January 14-16, and the crew is putting finishing touches on the inaugural Bangers For Bucks skate contest which will give ten skate shops around the country a chance to face off on the trade show floor, in the heart of the show’s skate section. This year’s show will feature an expanded skate hardgoods section, with more than 65 different brands exhibiting:

Surf Expo Bangers For Bucks

“On January 14-16, 2010, ten skate shop teams from across the country will square off on the trade show floor of Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, for the inaugural Bangers For Bucks skate contest. Brought to you by Eastern Skateboard Supply, Hurley, Vans, Kona Skatepark and Team Pain, Surf Expo’s Bangers For Bucks contest will take place on a new and specially designed course in the heart of the skateboard section of the show.

Shops will vie for $15,000 dollars in instant cash and store merchandise credit in the most lucrative shop contest of the year. “Adding a merchandise credit to the mix gives back to the shops who sponsor the teams,” says Surf Expo Show Director Roy Turner. “What better way to bring a skate contest back to Surf Expo than to hold a contest made up of retailers and the skaters they sponsor? At Surf Expo our goal is to bring retailers and manufacturers together for business, networking and marketing opportunities. Our new contest format does just that.”

According to Hurley Founder Bob Hurley “Bangers for Bucks will bring the best of the skate shops to the show. We’re looking forward to see the new talent that rises up. We’re bringing Burnquist, Genovese and Caples˜and they’re really looking forward to watching the skating and being challenged. We heard the park is sick.”

The event has already generated significant buzz. Three of the ten teams were invited to compete through a “Fan Favorite” voting process on Between December 1 and December 15 when the polls closed, more than 350,000 of these “Fan Favorite” votes were cast online.

“Knowing that their favorite skate shop gets to compete in a huge competition really gets our customers stoked,” says Kevin Fleenor of ATS Skateshop in Southgate, Michigan˜one of the three Fan Favorite winners. “The best form of advertising for a skate shop is word-of-mouth, and we couldn’t ask for anything better than this! Lots of customers who voted for the shop are now stopping by to meet the skaters.”

The other seven shops at this show’s Bangers For Bucks were selected by Focus and FTK skate magazines and Surf Expo. “Focus Magazine and FTK Magazine have a direct relationship with the best shop teams in the country, so it seemed natural to have their input on who should represent at Bangers For Bucks,” says Ramos. “These guys know what's going on.”

According to FTK Publisher Tony Reddington, “Team competitions in skate parks have been going on for years at the core, grassroots level. It’s good to see them starting to work their way up to more predominant venues like Surf Expo.”

Surf Expo January 2010 show will also include an expanded skate hardgoods area featuring select Eastern Skateboard Supply brands such as Madrid Skateboards, Birdhouse, Cadillac Wheels, Fly Paper Grip Tape, Bummer High, Goodwood, Blackout, I & I, Powell Peralta, Hubba Wheels, Venture Trucks, Lucky Bearings, Almost, Blind, Cliché, Darkstar, Spitfire, REAL, Thunder, Anti-Hero, Krooked, and Theeve, Tracker trucks. In all, more than 65 different skate hardgoods companies will have booths at Surf Expo.

By any measure, next week’s Surf Expo show is on target to be one of the best ever. More than 7,239 buyers from 2,340 stores are pre-registered to attend. They’ll be greeted by more than 4,700 lines and a full lineup of special events, including an industry party with DJ Z-Trip, the "godfather of mash-up‰ and one of the best live performance DJs in history.
Other special events include a standup paddleboard demo pool on the show floor, movie premieres, a new fashion show, live art murals, a Monster Energy lounge, shaping demos, seminars, training workshops, and much more.

Surf Expo January 2010 will take place at the Orange County Convention Center January 14-16, 2010. For more information on this largest and longest-running board, beach, and fashion trade show in the world, log on to

Bangers for Bucks Team Roster
Includes alternates. In some instances the team manager is also a team member.

Exit Skate Shopˆ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Team Manager ˆ Steve Miller
Pat Bryan
Kerry McCullough
Jimmy McDonald
Will Wresilo
Phil Gushue

Warp ˆ Lake In The Hills, Illinois
Team Manager ˆ AJ Steadman
Miles Canevello
Ryan Buss
Mike Matzuka
Tommy Evans
Alex Gargano

Endless Grind ˆ Raleigh, North Carolina
Team Manager ˆ Subhan Anwari
Anthony Alcantara
Sam Buxton
Dan Murphy
Tomy Hyson
Dennis Coleman

Plus Skateshop ˆ Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Team Manager ˆ Lee Feldmier
Timmy Thompson
Chris Coogan
Bryan Shaefer
Ryan Watson

Modern Skate Shop ˆ Michigan
Team Manager ˆ Steve Darling
Joe "Dirt‰ Siemianowski
Mark Davenport
Johnny Cleary
Dustin Blauvelt
Anthony Shelter

Westside Skate Shop ˆ Tarpon Springs, Florida
Team Manager ˆ Nick Matlin
Mike Espinosa
Jonathin (Yonnie) Cruz
Yonis Molina
Mike Rosa
Jimmy Lannon
Ant Verti

NJ Skateshop ˆ Sayreville, New Jersey
Team Manager ˆ Jim Pakidis
Fred Gall
Ron Deily
Bill Marshall
Dillon Constantine
Nico Magales

TNT Skate Shop ˆ Cumming, Georgia
Team Manager/Rider ˆ Doug Snider
Chris Symmes
Kris Hall
Zeke Logan
Pete Kelly
Skyler Clark

Sinister Skate ˆ Cornelius, North Carolina
Team Manager ˆ Shawn Soules
Brad Stafford
Yoshi Nurjumi
Marquice Streeter
Robbie Stark
Darius Bell
Kaleb Jones

ATS Skateshop ˆ Southgate, Michigan
Team Manager ˆ Kevin Fleenor
Colin McNabb
Mickey Adkins
Shelby Jones
Brandon Hooper
Jonny Smith
Mike Codd”