Surfrider Foundation Marks Gulf Spill Anniversary

Photo/Hands Across The Sands

Photo/Hands Across The Sand

April 20, 2011 marked the one year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Gulf. Over 66 miles of coastline are still closed off and over 1,000 square miles of ocean are still closed to fishing. The Surfrider Foundation has been involved in the fight against offshore drilling, but marks this anniversary by launching a new testing program focusing on the accumulation of oil and dispersant residue in beach sand. The new testing program will utilize ultraviolet oil detection to ensure the beaches get taken care of.

Also to mark the one year anniversary of the spill, the Surfrider Foundation has launched a offshore drilling-related website: as a central source for information and action to oppose offshore drilling. Also, on June 25, the Surfrider Foundation is partnering with a number of NGOs for an event called Hands Across The Sand to oppose offshore drilling and promotes the search for energy alternatives.