Tadashi Fuse On Vivo Headwear

Tadashi Fuse on Vivo Headwear

Vancouver based new comer Vivo Headwear has added Japanese slayer Tadashi Fuse to its team, which already includes Corey Sheppard, Marie-France Roy and Andrew Geeves.

Here’s the release:

Vivo headwear lays the foundation with the current signing of Tadashi Fuse and their exclusive heavy hitting team. Anthony Leffelaar, CEO, says “We are excited to work with Tadashi and develop his signature line for release in 2010.” Tadashi will be heavy involved with Vivo’s design process while product testing our fine fabrics in the elements of the Whistler backcountry. Vivo headwear is available this coming fall in selected retailers.
www.vivoheadwear.com <http://www.vivoheadwear.com>

Vivo headwear is a company focused on bringing you high end exclusive products working with only the premium fabrics and attention to detail. Vivo knows your everyday fit from street to snow. We work with our heavy hitting team to bring you what the riders want. Vivo embodies the past, epitomizes the present and lives to develop the future.