The 15 Years Of Gonz And Adidas Collection

Collection infused with Gonz’s artwork

Mark Gonzales has been with the adidas Skateboarding family for 15 years, and has had a major influence on the company, not to mention the skateboarding community in general. To celebrate a decade and a half of partnership, adidas has created a special line of footwear and apparel embellished with the Gonz’s work.

According to adidas:

"This collection was a true collaboration with Mark.  Not only did we get his graphic input, but he actually worked directly with us on all cut and sew pieces.  It's definitely inspired by his wardrobe or things he wanted to add.  While shopping with us in Paris, he fixated on patches and decided to create his own patch that you see on most of his collection,” says adidas action sports design director Katie Becker. “The overall inspiration for both shoes was the adidas Azteca track spike for the Mexico City Olympics. Also, Mark doesn't like to lace up his shoes, so both were made with that in mind (even the Pro model has gussets for easy slip on / slip off).  His other request was for a super low profile outsole for better board feel.  The graphics were all drawn by Gonz and we literally took his shoe sketches and applied it as a graphic element."

The collection can be found in stores across the globe.