The Bicycle Source Is Back

Imagine being able to bring  back to life some of the  greatest experiences and memories from your youth. That’s exactly what Dan Hubbard and Steve Blackey have done with their reincarnation of The Bicycle Source, a bicycle/BMX shop in Anaheim, California. The Bicycle Source was an iconic shop, originally opened in the ’80s by Steve Potts, which not only sold and repaired gear but acted as a place where riders gathered to share their passion for BMX. The shop was closed in 1995 and now, 16 years later, has re-opened its doors.

Steve Blackey worked as the original shop mechanic and manager and Dan Hubbard was a team rider. Both were proponents of fostering an environment that the original Bicycle Source had created for them, and saw an opportunity to be able to bring that back to life for current generations of riders. Today, Dan takes ownership of the shop and another team rider from the original Bicycle Source, Gary Raagas, has taken on the role of shop manager.

More than just a retail location, the shop has become a destination for BMX riders of all ages and abilities, fully equipped with an indoor ramp area, movie screening lounge, and an indoor space suitable for hosting flatland events, as well. The new and improved Bicycle Source honors legendary riders with museum-like displays of pro bikes and equipment throughout the shop, giving riders a look at the history behind the sport, as well as providing them with all of the latest products and innovations.

After the success of their grand opening last month, we had a chance to get a look at The Bicycle Source and hear directly from Dan, Steve and Gary about how the store was re-created and where it’s headed. Take a look at this video tour, and make sure to swing by and see the shop for yourself soon.