The Consortium Launches New Website

Interactive e-commerce website to cater for the growing graphic requirements
of it's domestic and international clients

The Consortium Design Agency, announced the launch of it's e-commerce website which will
cater for the growing demands of it's domestice and international client base, available for immediate viewing The Consortium website will showcase it's portfolio of graphic concepts and print / textile based designs for the Fashion, Entertainment and Action Sports industries.

The Consortium website features, a easy to use web interface, with a variety of graphic style genres which can be viewed on all existing web browsers. A secure login feature using individual IP security provides security for both client and The Consortium.

Roll-over thumbnails with expanding images give an instant visual description of the concept, plus a full screen image is provided once a selected thumbnail is clicked on. The Consortium's own secure server provides extremely quick web access and webpage loading.

"The Consortium website was developed to provide our global circle of clients an easy and efficient web tool to purchase from our existing portfolio of 3000 graphic prints and textile concepts, with over 200 clients domestic and internationally the ability to meet personally with each client was becoming unrealistic," says Ben Rubin, Owner / partner of The Consortium Design Agency.

"With our business expansion plan in full effect the Consortium website is the first stage in our studio / client interactivity which will eventually include our showcase studio website and a series of interactive design related books" states Rowan Entress Owner / partner.

An easy to understand user interface webpage with expanding rollover thumbnail jpegs provides the client with a variation of image sizes and several visual colorways for each graphic concept. Coded graphic concepts can be easily tracked, purchased and delivered via our secure server setup. All files are designed in Adobe® Photoshop or Illustrator and compatible with all PC and Apple computer systems.

The Consortium Website technical specifications:
* 10 separate style genres for both men and women
* Over 250 individual web pages each containing 12 graphic images per page
* Over 3000 graphic concepts in total
* Secure client password login with electronic signature and IP logging for added security

The Consortium website was launched on December 1st 2008 and can be accessed at

Additional information is available at:
Founded in 2005 by creative directors Ben Rubin and Rowan Entress, the Consortium has a globally recognized reputation for creating and developing graphic design concepts for application in all ranges of graphic and visual media.

With a extensive knowledge of the fashion, music and entertainment industries the Consortium has provided graphic concepts for many of the worlds most recognized corporate companies and brands including: Nike / Nike SB, Guess, Levi, Topshop / Topman, Speedo, Quiksilver, Volcom,
Burton Snowboards, DC Shoes, Stussy / Stussy Deluxe, For-ever 21, Oneill, Rip Curl , Element Skateboards, Union Bay,The Cartoon Network,
Pacific Sunwear, Triple 5 Soul, Disney , Vans, MTV.
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