The Lexus hoverboard – Not the future of skateboarding, but it’s cool

Lexus Hoverboard with Pro-Skater Ross McGouran

In June, Lexus (yes, the luxury car company) sent out a teaser revealing they were testing a Back to the Future-esq hoverboard. Earlier this summer, professional skateboarder Ross McGouran started testing the future board from an undisclosed location in Barcelona. This week, Lexus came out with the full ad spot for their hoverboard, revealing the board is real, and although it’s not your everyday thing, the hoverboard is indeed rideable, unlike the spoof that Tony Hawk endorsed last year.

The hoverboard relies on magnetic levitation, or superconductors and magnets that work together to float the board above ground, working against gravity. But to do this, the skatepark apparently needs to have metal lining for the magnatraction to work.

The video is a part of a series called Amazing in Motion.

Behind The Scenes: