The Line Break: Dragon Spring 2013 Eyewear Collection

In 2011, Dragon launched its revolutionary frameless goggle The APX, or Advanced Projects X, which was the first of its kind to hit the market.  More than a year later, the eyewear brand has released its Spring 2013 look book, complete with an update on the APX goggle, which includes the new cylindrical NFX technology, and limited edition collaboration product with Nike and Lacoste.

The brand is particularly stoked on the collection for 2013, since it also marks Dragon’s 20 year anniversary in the surf and snow eyewear business. We talked with Dragon’s Director of Product Mike Tobia to get the scoop on how the brand has set this season’s collection apart from the past, and what we can expect to see from them as we move into the upcoming round of trade shows.

Dragon's Mike Tobia

Dragon’s Mike Tobia

What sets the new collection apart from past collections?

This year is our 20th anniversary as a premium eyewear brand and we feel the collection is our best yet. Two standouts would be our collaboration with Nike in the Advanced Projects line and the release of our new NFX goggle.

What did you do differently with design, materials, technology, etc?

Pretty much everything we do is different. It’s the core essence of the brand. From our design process utilizing athletes and the APX cabin as our R&D facility, to developing innovative patented technology, all of this creates a unique experience exclusive to Dragon.

What particular products stand out and why?

We’ve had a phenomenal response since the launch of our patented frameless technology in the APX and APXs. This year, we expanded the technology into a cylindrical style called the NFX. It utilizes the same features and technology for those who prefer a more simple flat lens aesthetic.

Which goggle are you most stoked on and why?

That’s a hard question to answer. Every goggle in our line has a defined purpose. However, the APX goggle is special to me for various reasons and has helped reinforce Dragon as one of the best goggle companies in the world.

When does this hit retail?

We’re doing a limited release to retail this holiday season for the NFX. The rest of the Fall 2013 line will be at retail in August.

What are pricepoints looking like – have they fluctuated compared to last season?

We’ve simplified our price points to three per style. This makes it easier for the rep, retailer and consumer.

If you had to sell this collection in under a minute to a retailer, what would be your pitch? Go!
I’d have them watch 1 minute of this youtube video or the many others uploaded by stoked consumers:

Which retailers have picked up the collection? Are you opening any new doors?

Dragon has consistently been growing within existing distribution while adding new doors on a global scale. For example, we also have a limited edition APX collaboration with Lacoste, launching globally at the world famous fashion boutique Colette in Paris on January 7th. It will then be subsequently released globally at all Lacoste flagship stores.

Where do you think the future of eyewear is headed, and what direction do you hope to see Dragon headed in over the next 6 to 12 months?

Simply put, Dragon is focused on being the best. Expect to see better design, performance and quality in everything we do. That’s where we’re headed and where we feel the market will follow.